Our History

Humble beginnings. Through twitter replies and comments on The Chive photo galleries, our little Minnesota Chive group met first at an unofficial Meetup at Brit's Pub in August 2012. Impenetrable bonds were formed, and from there we've grown to thousands of members in our little Minnesota Chive Family.

Our Donations

We've donated tons of clothes and over one hundred thousand dollars to charity, and we're just getting started.

Our Community

Most importantly, our Minnesota Chive Community is over 17,000 Chivers strong and growing everyday. Without their awesome selves, none of what we accomplish would be possible!

Chive minnesota Admins

Selfless in nature, our admins do their best to get everyone involved in how our group can make Minnesota a better place to live and be.

Chive Minnesota Street Team

The Chive MN Street team is the other arm of the Chive Minnesota Leadership team. They are active on the different social media platforms, moderate and maintain social media groups, and are alongside the admins in the operating and throwing some of the most fun charity events in Minnesota.