The Chive

  Photograph by Brent Humphreys for  Bloomberg Businessweek

Photograph by Brent Humphreys for Bloomberg Businessweek

John & Leo

The Chive started in 2008 with two brothers:  John(Left) from (Ve)nice Beach, CA and Leo(Right) from (Chi)cago, IL. Chi + Ve = Chive (not named after the herb). They surfed the net and aggregated hilarious, breath-taking, amazing and sexy photos, as well as incredible information to share to the world. With famous themes like "Cat Saturday", "Humpday Wednesday", and "DAR (Daily Afternoon Randomness)", boasts nearly 1 million visitors per day, and is ranked #1217 of websites in the world. Considering as of January 2014 there are 861,379,000 registered websites, we'd say it's worth noting.



In 2011, formed, and started selling the most comfortable T-shirts you've ever worn. Their original batch of 400 sold out in a couple minutes. Today, they have hundreds of items they sell bearing the Chive brand with other awesome stuff. The Chivery did more than just sell shirts: they allowed people who "KCCO", "Keep Calm and Chive On", to find each other in the crowd; they made a decision to donate a portion of each sale to charity. These basic philanthropic notions became pinnacles to the culture and started something altogether amazing: Chive Charities and Chive Nation.

 The Chivery Logo

The Chivery Logo

The Charity

 Chive Charities Logo

Chive Charities Logo

What Really Matters

The community is what started the charity. It all began with Chivers doing RAKs: Random Acts of Kindness. Today Chive Charities, an official 501(c)(3), raises millions for rare illnesses and those in need. Read Here a few dozen of the most tear-jerking, incredible stories about how Chive Charities has changed the lives of those in need. The best part is, it doesn't stop there (read "The Community").  SOX2 Amophthalmia Syndrome, Wegener’s GranulomatosisSmith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS)Osteogenesis ImperfectaTransverse MyelitisNeurosarcoidosisCDKL5, and many more. These rare disorders and conditions detriment those who have them in serious ways. Chive Charities saw the ability to provide awareness and support, and acted to truly improve their lives for the better.

The Community

Where you come in.

"Chive on!" someone exclaims as they pass you in the street, wearing your BFM shirt. The camaraderie  is unlike anything you've experienced. This is the family that often has little in common other than the shirt they both own and the passion for changing the world for the better of others. The Chive Nation is an ever-growing number and ever-expanding demographic of individuals, coming together for the sake of fun, Fireball, friends, and faith that humanity can make a difference. Members of Chive Nation started forming their own Chapters, and throwing Meetups to raise money for Chive Charities and other causes. A digital community, brought to life in reality, thriving and growing to make a positive impact for the greater of society.

 Chive Nation Logo

Chive Nation Logo

Still confused? Watch this video and try not to tear up over Chive Nation making a difference in their communities all around the world.